A shopping trip while on vacation


In the town of Mersch, about 30 min. away by car, you will find the Topaze Shopping Center, with several well-known shops like C&A, H&M, Prémaman, Pronti, HiFi-International, but also a large Supermarché (supermarket). Parking is free! For more information: www.topaze.lu

At about 22km from the park there is the town of Huldange, with the Knauf Shopping Center. This indoor shopping center offers over 40 shops such as Esprit, H&M, Hema and much more. Ample (free) parking. For more information: www.knaufshopping.lu

Then there is also the Shopping Center Massen at about 16km away in the town of Weiswampach. This shopping center is open daily between 07:30 and 19:30 hours (also on Sundays and nearly on all holidays). There are plenty of shops here including a large supermarket, clothing stores, perfumeries, an optician and hairdresser. You will find it all in Massen. A fun fact: the supermarket has a large collection of whiskeys. For more information: www.massen.lu
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