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Luxembourg is known for its rich nature, the beautiful city of Luxembourg and of course the low gasoline prices. For all three of them you are at the right place at La Sapinière holiday park, which is located near the village of Hosingen. It lies at the foothills of the Ardennes, but also not far from the German border and behind the Eifel. That means beautiful green hills, vast forests, farmlands, rivers and lakes. It is not for nothing that so many walkers and hikers choose it for an active holiday in Luxembourg.

The picturesque villages, such as Clervaux and Vianden, but also Diekirch, Echternach and of course the capital, Luxembourg City, are all worth a visit. Because the country is relatively small, you can visit most attractions well in one day. Luxembourg City is just 50km away. They know everything there is to know about good food in Luxembourg, you will see this for yourself.

Immediate surroundings

The famous town of Clervaux is just 15 km from the holiday park, an old town that is especially known for its castle. The white building is a striking appearance against the greenery here. A walk through the picturesque town is also highly recommended, as well as some walks in the area. From the hill with the Abbey and the little church you have a beautiful view over the village and the castle.

At the German border lies the town of Vianden, on both sides of the river Our. This picturesque town is also worth a visit, with attractions including the castle and the Victor Hugo Museum. On one of the hills there is a café, which you can easily reach by cable car, nice and fast. From here you also have a magnificent view of Vianden.

Echternach is a little further away, but the oldest city of Luxembourg is definitely worth a visit. This medieval town not only offers lots of fun and excellent gastronomy, but also beautiful old buildings such as the parish church, the ancient Benedictine abbey and its cloister garden. During a city walk you will notice more cultural monuments. Afterward it’s time to take a dip in the lake or to hire a rowing boat or a pedalo.

Theme- and amusement parks

A holiday with children will be a great success with all the possibilities for a day out around the holiday park La Sapiniere. 30km from the park lies the village Burg-Reuland, here you can go carting with the older children, you can enjoy laser games, bowling, while the kids have fun in the play center.

Fairy tales, animals and games are a focus point at Parc Merveilleux and this park is easily accessible from La Sapinière.

Then there is the Eifel Park, located near Gondorf in Germany, at 60km from the park. This large play area with bouncy castles, carousels, slides and a maze, also has its own private zoo. A fun day to spend here.

The park at Vianden also appeals to the imagination. Climbing, clambering and playing in the adventure park in the forest. You will also discover many species of butterflies in the Grevenmacher butterfly garden.

Luxembourg, a land of nature

You will experience a holiday in Luxembourg surrounded by nature. The northern part of the country is represented by the foothills of the Ardennes and that is exactly where the holiday park La Sapinière lies. Rolling green hills, thick forests, babbling brooks and picturesque villages form the backdrop of the many hiking and biking routes.

In Luxembourg, you will find thematic trails, walking tours of various difficulty and challenging mountain bike trails. The ideal setting for a holiday with a dog. Enjoy it actively together.

Cultural activities in Luxembourg

It is not without reason that parts of Luxembourg City are on the UNESCO world heritage list. The famous casemates are a must-see here. These underground corridors are a really impressive sight.

The Adolphe Bridge is another well-known part of the city of Luxembourg, a beautiful stone arch bridge over the River Petrusse. You can easily make plans for a day trip to this beautiful city.

Culture can also be found closer to the holiday park in Hosingen, among the colorful streets of Vianden or the versatile Echternach. Food and drinks are an important part of this country’s culture. A visit to the vineyards and a wine tasting tour should not actually be missing from your vacation.

Daily grocery shopping

For daily grocery shopping, there are a few small shops in the village of Hosingen, such as a butcher shop. You will also find a gas station. As in most villages in Luxembourg, the range of shops is not too vast. In the nearby village of Marnach, about 6km from the park, you will find more and larger stores in a shopping mall just outside the village. This is the best place to go for your groceries. Among the stores here there is an Aldi and a Carrefour, there are also a number of shops open on Sundays.

You can walk around in a weekly market here on:

  • Tuesday: every 1st of the month, Ettelbruck (24km) and every 3rd of the month in Diekirch
  • Wednesday: Luxemburg City (50km)
  • Thursday: every 3rd of the month in Clervaux (12km)
  • Friday: Organic Market in Ettelbruck (24km) Bio Market
  • Saturday: Luxemburg City (50km)

The local bakery is temporarily closed. We apologize for any inconvenience!

A shopping trip while on vacation

In the town of Mersch, about 30 min. away by car, you will find the Topaze Shopping Center, with several well-known shops like C&A, H&M, Prémaman, Pronti, HiFi-International, but also a large Supermarché (supermarket). Parking is free! For more information:

At about 22km from the park there is the town of Huldange, with the Knauf Shopping Center. This indoor shopping center offers over 40 shops such as Esprit, H&M, Hema and much more. Ample (free) parking. For more information:

Then there is also the Shopping Center Massen at about 16km away in the town of Weiswampach. This shopping center is open daily between 07:30 and 19:30 hours (also on Sundays and nearly on all holidays). There are plenty of shops here including a large supermarket, clothing stores, perfumeries, an optician and hairdresser. You will find it all in Massen. A fun fact: the supermarket has a large collection of whiskeys. For more information:
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